Microsoft 365

QMS on Microsoft 365 – The Right Technology !

Microsoft 365 is not a QMS software but it brings all the ingredients needed for a Quality Management System, like strong collaboration capabilities with SharePoint, tools for video-conferencing and discussions with Teams, workflow automation with Power Automate, tools for Business Intelligence with Power BI, and much more.

BPA has developed the missing pieces to make Microsoft 365 a ready-for-use QMS for everyone.

QMS on Microsoft 365

QMS on Microsoft 365 – Prebuilt integrated QMS template.

With BPA QMS on Microsoft 365, we designed a prebuilt QMS template including integrated modules for compliance and continuous improvement, ready to be installed in your secure and scalable M365 environment. The software leverages SharePoint capabilities for document management, compliance-related data registers, and strong collaborative features.

BPA modular components extend SharePoint capabilities bringing a great user experience and providing the missing features needed for a performing QMS, like relational capabilities, report generation, graphical charts, eSignatures, intelligent forms, reminders, and more.

Medical on Microsoft 365

Medical App on Microsoft 365 – Compliance document eSignatures.

BPA Power Extensions boost QMS capabilities with prebuilt automated workflows (like document management, 8D nonconformity/CAPA tracking…) ready to be imported in your M365 tenant. Generic Power Apps have been designed for easy incident registration and audit execution, to be used on any device for a maximal user adoption.

With Microsoft Teams, we are working on developing new innovative features to use the QMS with discussion flows, enabling instant quality improvement, read the article: Announcing Teams QMS Extensions.

Microsoft Planner is a great tool for task management. Interfacing the QMS with Planner is a new project we are working on, read the article: Planner QMS Extensions for Better Task Management.

At BPA Solutions we aim at making everyone an actor of your continuous improvement system. We developed modern QMS Apps on Microsoft 365 to leverage existing technologies used by collaborators daily, without changing users habits, and maximizing user adoption.

Go a step further and modernize your QMS with BPA Apps and Microsoft 365.

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Simplify Supplier Qualification & Evaluation with BPA Apps

Supplier Management Flow

Typical automated supplier management workflow in BPAQuality365.

A typical requirement in quality standards is to qualify and evaluate relevant suppliers.

We make it easy and agile with BPA Apps to comply with regulations and meet your own supplier management needs.

An usual supplier management process flow in BPA App allows to:

  • register suppliers
  • categorize suppliers (e.g. by importance)
  • qualify suppliers (through a set of questions)
  • approve suppliers (through an automated approval workflow)
  • periodically evaluate suppliers (through an automated evaluation workflow)

Supplier Form

Example of a supplier qualification form with configurable qualification questions.

Suppliers can be registered in BPA Apps by filling in a digital form. The form is highly configurable to include the supplier importance (e.g. ABC analysis), address, qualification questions, and other attributes.

The qualification section of the form includes your dedicated questions, like

  • Is the supplier certified?
  • Is the supplier critical to your business?
  • Is the supplier contract higher than a certain amount?
  • Is the supplier operating in a prohibited country?
  • etc…

An automated workflow verifies answers to these questions and pre qualify or reject the supplier. If the supplier is pre qualified, an approval notification is sent to the concerned persons and the supplier gets updated as qualified or rejected.

A second automated workflow starts for the supplier evaluation. The evaluation form includes your predefined questions. Evaluation result is calculated, compared to the required acceptance level, and notifications are sent to the concerned employees. When needed, an improvement request is automatically sent to the supplier.

Forms, app pages and automated workflows can be easily configured based on your needs.

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Teams Medical Software

Medical Compliance Software on Teams & Office 365 – Introduction Video

Medical Compliance Software on Microsoft Teams and Office 365.

BPAMedical365 is a disruptive cloud software for quality and compliance, designed for any regulated industry, ready to be installed in your secure Microsoft Teams and Office 365 environment. The app is modern – runs on any device – it’s flexible to adapt to your needs – and innovative – leveraging your Microsoft 365 tools.

The app includes prebuilt integrated modules to cover ISO 13485, FDA and Medical Device regulations.

Use the app on any device, like a phone or a tablet, to access documents, view eSignatures, navigate in the QMS, view nonconformities, log an incident using intelligent conditional forms, and search the whole QMS portal.

With Teams, you have a single entry point to access your QMS, including discussions to instantly interact with team members, approvals, and video conferencing. This will boost efficiency !

The app is not like a traditional quality tool, it’s a collaborative workspace for the whole company, dedicated to continual improvement, and including all SharePoint capabilities.

eSignatures ensure only authorized users sign their piece of work, like approving a compliance document, or investigating a nonconformity.

BPA has developed prebuilt Power Automate workflows for each software module, ready to be imported in your tenant.

Ready-for-use Power BI reports bring consolidated data to managers for quick decision making.

We have developed generic Power Apps to plug and play with BPAMedical365 for easy incident registration by taking photos and simplified auditing even while offline.

Go a step further, meet your industry 4.0 objectives, comply with good practices in regulated industries, and reach instant quality improvement with BPAMedical365, Teams and Microsoft technologies.

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Product Videos

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Office 365 eSignature Video

eSignature for Everyone, on Any Device, with SharePoint and Office 365

Modern eSignature component to be used in your Office 365 environment.

For regulated industries, electronic signature is required for a QMS software to be compliant with FDA and ISO 13485 regulations. For any organization, eSignature makes sure only authorized users approve documents or records.

BPA has developed an innovative eSignature component to be used with our apps on any device, directly within SharePoint and Teams.

eSignatures can be used internally to sign compliance documents, technical files, investigate incidents, or replace any paper signature. It can also be used with external suppliers to sign nonconformities or any other usage.

In this video we demonstrate how easy you can sign a compliance document, and a nonconformity form with multi factor authentication.

eSignatures can be added on any form by a simple drag and drop and protect document content or selected attributes.

BPA eSignature component gives the extra security needed when approving items in compliance with medical regulations. It makes SharePoint a more secure platform when signing documents or records, with no need to manage complex item-level permissions. It’s perfectly integrated with Microsoft 365 and multi factor authentication.

BPA eSignature is available at no additional cost with our modern Quality-Medical-CRM apps on Microsoft 365.

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How BPA’s Software Meets IATF 16949 Requirements for Automotive Industries

IATF 16949:2016 is an independent QMS standard, dedicated to the automotive sector, that is fully aligned with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

IATF 16949 includes specific requirements and core tools from the automotive industry, like:

  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

APQP ensures the voice of the customer is clearly understood, translated into requirements, technical specifications and special characteristics. APQP is typically used when introducing a new product, process or qualifying, evaluating new suppliers. From design to production, the APQP tracking sheet makes sure you go through each step and meet all needed requirements.


Screen Capture of BPA Quality & Risk Management, APQP example.

BPA’s software brings simple collaborative tools to track APQP projects with their milestones, related question sets, compliance and documents. Workflow rules ensure the right persons are automatically alerted to plan actions or mitigate risks.

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a structured approach to discovering potential failures that may exist within the design of a product or process. Discovering a failure early in product development using FMEA improves the product design and lowers cost. Important FMEA steps are to identify failure modes and assess their severity, identify causes and probability of occurrence, set up preventive process controls (detection). As a result, FMEA highlights Risk Priority Numbers (RPN) for each identified failure mode. Actions will be taken to mitigate high risks.


Screen Capture of BPA Quality & Risk Management, FMEA example.

FMEA is a collaborative process that can be easily tracked with BPA’s software, replacing inefficient spreadsheets.

BPA Quality & Risk Management is leveraged by the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 technologies.

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BPA xRM platform for public sector and government

“This SharePoint xRM template has helped to streamline our communication within the department as well as with outside entities such as the Governor’s Office or Legislature.”

Vaughn Hammond – State of Alaska – US

Do you want to ensure accessibility and transparency of information, reduce workloads, improve data quality and stakeholder satisfaction…? Lire la suite