Artificial Intelligence

Introducing BPA Cognitive Search to Easily Find Documents by Chatting

At BPA Solutions, we strongly believe that the modern workplace is moving towards instant discussions with Microsoft Teams or other platforms. We have developed innovative tools (Teams Productivity, Teams Forms, Cognitive Search) to bring the business context back while chatting in Microsoft Teams, like searching and sharing data and documents from your eQMS or CRM in a discussion flow. Coming options allow users to start from preconfigured forms to register incidents, opportunities or any other event without leaving the chat box.

BPA Teams Productivity

Ask the eQMS while discussing in Teams and share content with colleagues using BPA Teams Productivity.

BPA Cognitive Search is a new service to be used with BPA apps, leveraging Microsoft AI technologies and providing end users with a simple way to find the right documents by asking common questions to a chatbot. The AI chatbot works in any Teams channel or while chatting with colleagues. The tool returns best matching documents while writing keywords in the chat box. Users can refine search to find similar documents to others. Documents display based on users permissions and the service prevents users from viewing unauthorized documents.

2 options exist to use the AI cognitive search service. The first option is by directly asking the chatbot in Teams. Users can simply ask common questions in the discussion box and get best matching documents instantly. Documents display in cards, ready to be opened. The “Find Similar” buttons allows to find comparable documents in a mouse click.

Document card in Teams

Find the right documents by asking common questions to a chatbot in Teams and refine search to find similar documents.

The second option allows users to search for documents while discussing with colleagues or in specific Teams channels. This option is very useful when willing to share documents with colleagues and team members. Best matching documents display with a brief content summary. When selecting a document, a document card shows up in the discussion flow, ready to be shared with your colleagues. Team members can open the document or find similar ones.

Share Document Cards in Teams Discussions

Share documents with colleagues while chatting in Teams.

The BPA Cognitive Search service is now available for clients. Several Azure services are required and can be hosted by BPA or the client.

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Audit Power Apps

Simplify Audit Management with BPA Apps and Microsoft 365

With BPA software and Audit Power Apps, we drastically simplify audit management in 3 simple steps:

  1. Optimally plan the audit in Teams
  2. Execute the audit easily with Power Apps
  3. Merge the audit report with Power Automate

With Microsoft Teams, organizations get a powerful tool for teamworking. Dedicated Teams can be created for audit purposes and selected members can be invited. The audit planning is drastically simplified thanks to Teams calendar features. When scheduling an audit, Teams proposes the best options when auditors and auditees are available to meet.

Plan audits in Microsoft Teams

Plan audits easily in Microsoft Teams, and let Teams propose the best time for your audits.

The audit is automatically created in the BPA software for auditors to select questions from a central library, complete preparation work, and share audit material.

Select audit questions

Select audit questions easily by clause/chapter, e.g. ISO 9001 clause/chapter with the new released item selector in the BPA software.

The audit Power Apps developed by BPA is a prebuilt mobile app to simplify auditor’s experience while auditing. The app works on any device, like a tablet, even when no Internet connection is available. Auditors touch the screen to set compliance for each question, and optionally record voice and take photos. Evidences are automatically synced back in the BPA software.

Audit Power Apps

Auditors run audits easily with any device, even while offline, with BPA’s generic Audit Power Apps.

After the audit execution, findings and actions can be added and managed in the BPA software. Automated workflows make sure the right persons are alerted, findings are investigated and actions are effective. A formatted audit report is automatically merged based on client’s template, including audit data and evidences, ready to be shared with the concerned persons.

Merged Audit Report

An automated workflow merges a formatted audit report, based on client templates, including approval and PDF conversion.

We recently released new dashboard capabilities for easy graphical reporting with no need of Power BI licenses. Important audit metrics, like the number of findings, actions, and audit performance radars can be consolidated in a graphical dashboard.

Audit Dashboard

New released audit dashboard in the BPA software (with no need of Power BI licenses).

If you want to test BPAQuality365, BPAMedical365 and the Audit Power Apps, simply ask us for a trial request below.

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Innovative QMS technologies

Bringing Quality 4.0 to SMBs, Simple & Cost-Effective

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have no time for complex eQMS projects and no resources for costly quality management software.

Good news! Even small companies can now benefit from modern software solutions to implement Quality 4.0 scenarios with no pain, quickly and cost-effectively.

With BPA software and apps on Microsoft 365, SMBs leverage innovative technologies already used by collaborators with no need to implement third party eQMS software. M365 is the right foundation for your eQMS, because it’s trusted, engaging, innovative, secure, and affordable.

Microsoft 365

Leverage existing Microsoft technologies used by your organization to reach your Quality 4.0 objectives.

In the journey towards implementing Quality 4.0 initiatives, we recommend to start simple by prioritizing your pain points (e.g. compliance document management, non-conformance handling, audit management…) and implement quick and effective solutions in 3 to 5 days of external guidance over a period of 3-4 months. During weekly online sessions with the client, we configure the QMS forms and pages to meet unique requirements and transfer knowledge to power users. We import prebuilt automated workflows (e.g. document approval, 8D problem solving…) selected by the client and go live quickly module by module. This brings excellent results with limited effort.

Agile QMS

Generic Power Automate workflows are ready to be imported in the client tenant for a quick go live.

Existing client data can be migrated easily from spreadsheets or other systems, and documents can be published in their existing formats. Graphical process maps and organization charts can be embedded in the QMS, making all collaborators aware of how your company works.

You can expect great results in a very short time. Your QMS becomes a central place for everyone to collaborate on any device. With automated workflows, the right persons get alerted on Teams and processes are much more efficient.


The Audit Power Apps will drastically simplify audits, even while offline.

Whatever your maturity in the digital journey, we can start with simple scenarios and progressively introduce advanced solutions with Power Apps, Power BI, artificial intelligence and instant discussions.

Quality 4.0 is not just for large enterprises, and any company can benefit from digital transformation. It’s simple, cost-effective and it brings quick results.

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eQMS task management video

Introducing a Robust eQMS Task Management System

A great sales organization needs a CRM software to track daily tasks related to sales opportunities and drive sales. When a deal is signed, quality management is key to deliver the right products and services to your customers.

In the context of quality management, it’s crucial to have daily follow-up activities with important stakeholders and internal staff to make sure clients are satisfied, to drive continuous improvement, and to reduce costs.

The BPA QMS software is interfaced with Microsoft Planner for robust task management.

We have interfaced our QMS software with Microsoft Planner for robust task management. Tasks can be added easily from the software or a Teams discussion. While chatting in Teams, collaborators can ask the QMS and share interactive cards with their colleagues.

Above all, a great task management tool must provide a robust reminder system to guarantee tasks are done timely. This is the great benefit of Planner. Each collaborator get reminded about their tasks and receive one single periodical notification with all pending tasks grouped by due date.

The integration of your QMS with Planner brings a robust task management system and ensure tasks are done timely to reach your quality objectives.

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eQMS Reporting

Great Visuals for Great Quality Management Reporting

Whether you need powerful BI reporting to drill down data or modern graphics to view consolidated data, we cover it all with our eQMS software.

In this article, we will focus on the chart capabilities offered in the out-of-the-box software.

Pareto chart with BPA eQMS software

Introducing Pareto Chart to know what root causes are responsible for 80% of the non-conformances.

Because of the Microsoft 365 technology, it’s easy to create interactive Power BI reports for any data in your eQMS software. This type of reporting will be needed for decision makers to analyze data like they want and quickly get the information they are looking for. We propose prebuilt Power BI reports for the different QMS modules. But not everyone has the chance to get covered with a Power BI license.

Risk Chart in BPA eQMS software

Risk heatmaps best present risk scores in different zones.

For most users, a simplified reporting with graphical charts will bring the consolidated data they are interested in, with no need of additional software license needed. We have just introduced great modern charts especially designed for the purpose of quality management, like Pareto charts, risk heatmaps, radars, gauges and more.

Radar Chart in BPA eQMS software

Radars are great to view audit performance per audited regulations.

End users are not always connected to your eQMS software and it’s great to summarize new events in the home page.

What's new cards in BPA eQMS software

What’s new cards display key indicators for end users.

Other graphics are available to count, sum or average items in gauges or pie charts.

BPA eQMS software brings easy reporting for everyone, especially if Power BI is not an option.

Non-conformance dashbaoard in the BPAeQMS software

Example of a non-conformance dashboard.

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BPA Planner Integration

Announcing Microsoft Planner Integration With BPA Apps

Exciting news, it will be soon possible to use Microsoft Planner as a robust task management system together with BPA software.

With Planner, you make sure tasks are done timely thanks to a powerful reminder system and tools to view tasks in graphical boards and charts.

Task Reminder Notification

Reminder notification with user-related tasks grouped by due date.

BPA software solutions bring the business layer on the top of Planner. End users can assign a Planner task from our components in a mouse click and keep the task origin automatically. For example, starting from a non-conformance, the task will be automatically linked with it.

BPA Planner Task

Creating a task from the BPA software is straightforward. it will be automatically added to the right plan and bucket in Planner and linked with its original item in BPA.

Organizations can decide to have different Planner plans per BPA software module, so tasks will be grouped by module, for example a plan for non-conformance related tasks and another plan for audit tasks with BPAQuality365, or a plan for sales opportunities in BPACRM365. It’s even possible to send a task in a specific bucket based on configurable conditions (e.g. a task related to a customer non-conformance should go to the customer NC bucket).

Non-conformance Planner Board

Non-conformance task plan in BPAQuality365 with different buckets for customer, supplier and internal non-conformance related tasks.

Tasks related to a specific item in the BPA software can be easily filtered (e.g. by typing the non-conformance title or ID).

The Planner board view makes it very convenient to view tasks by due date or progression.

Task Board by Due Date

Example of non-conformance related tasks grouped by due date (overdue, tomorrow, this week, etc.).

The chart dashboard gives a graphical summary of all tasks in a plan, like how many overdue tasks remain or the number of tasks per bucket.

Planner Chart View

Chart view of all non-conformance related tasks, grouped by status, bucket, priority, and members with interactive task filtering options.

For a consolidated view of all QMS-related tasks, it’s best to connect to the Planner app directly. This will drastically improve your QMS task management meetings.

With the BPA Planner extension, you get a robust and performing task management system to enable continuous improvement and ensure tasks won’t be missed or overdue anymore.

The BPA Planner extension will be soon available (should be under the Christmas tree) to all customers using BPA modern solutions on M365, at no additional cost.

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QMS on Microsoft 365

Audit Software on Microsoft 365 – Live Demo from ASQ Audit Division Conference

As platinum sponsor of the last ASQ Audit Division Conference in Orlando FL, BPA presented innovative software solutions for audit management on Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams, Power Apps and Power BI, leveraging existing technologies used by most organizations.

This live presentation was performed by Belinda Schöni, CEO at BPA Solutions USA, and highlights how companies can best use new Microsoft technologies in the context of audit management and continuous improvement.

In one hour, the software is installed in your secure Microsoft cloud environment and it’s ready for use by all collaborators on their preferred tools, like Teams or SharePoint on any device.

You can trust Microsoft to bring the best security for your QMS data. All users are already setup in your company directory to use the software with no change needed. Organizations benefit from Microsoft retention policies, user permission features and the latest M365 technologies.

With the audit module included in the software, audits can be accessed in SharePoint or Teams. Audit planning is simplified with Teams calendar. Teams propose the best time for your audits based on collaborator availabilities and notifications will be sent in each personal calendar. Audit questions can be selected from your own catalogue and appended to audits.

BPA has developed a generic Audit Power Apps to simplify the audit execution on any device, even while offline. Auditors can run audits anytime, anywhere, go through questions and touch screen to set compliance, take photos and record voice.

After the audit was executed, optional findings are added in the software and automated workflows start and alert the right persons throughout the whole 8D problem solving process. An audit report is automatically generated, merging audit details, photos, findings in a formatted document ready to be shared with the concerned persons.

Supplier responses to non-conformances can be collected easily with Forms and appended in the QMS software, making collaboration with external stakeholders straightforward.

Finally, Power BI dashboard display consolidated graphics about audit coverage and findings with data mining capabilities and automated chart filtering.

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BPA eSignature with SharePoint

Easy eSignatures for Everyone with SharePoint and Microsoft 365

eSignatures are becoming a standard way to acknowledge contracts and legal documents.

The BPA eSignature component provides a simple way for everyone to sign documents or forms based on the robust Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication system, used by most companies with Microsoft 365.

In the context of quality and compliance management, eSignatures are used to make sure the right persons have reviewed and approved important procedures or technical files, in compliance with regulations. It’s also used to make sure collaborators have been trained on documents. Form signatures ensure incidents or audits have been treated correctly and completely.

A new feature has been developed to preview documents prior signing.

eSignature Document Preview

Preview documents prior signing with the BPA eSignature module.

The good news is that eSignatures can be used in Power Automate workflows, i.e. to verify if documents have been signed and move to the next workflow step, and check if the signer is allowed to sign for each workflow step.

eSignature Workflow with Power Automate

eSignatures can be tested and verified in Power Automate workflows.

End users get eSignature tasks in their home page and receive automated reminder notifications about pending signatures. It’s straightforward for end users to sign and validate signatures with their phones, the same way they access Microsoft 365 applications.

eSignature Task

End users access their eSignature tasks it the home page.

The eSignature component is available with our apps for quality, medical, CRM and can be used to build your own software solutions with no development.

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Non-conformance Power Apps

Non-Conformance Power Apps and Failure Catalogue

BPA’s Non-conformance Power Apps (or Incident Power Apps) is a generic app for collaborators to simply register incidents or non-conformances with any device, anywhere even while offline, for example when visiting clients or suppliers, during inspection controls, in the field, or on production lines.

Non-conformance + failure catalogue Power Apps quick overview video.

On production lines, end users can browse the failure catalogue, enlarge photos and take quick decisions about product acceptance with no need to ask line managers.

We designed the app for a large manufacturing enterprise and prepared a generic app version to match various organizations unique requirements with no or little configuration needed. It’s ready to be used with BPA Quality or Medical software on Microsoft 365, avoiding complex and costly app development.

The main purpose of the Power Apps is to replace manual processes and paper systems when managing incidents or nonconformities at each stage of the value chain. Collaborators can search the failure catalogue by product, process, failure type or by scanning a product bar code (option) and compare a nonconformity with a registered incident. Each registered incidents contains one or many photos to simplify comparison, and includes additional information, like product acceptance for clients, cause, remedies and a link to related procedure.

No need to ask line managers anymore, the Power Apps bring all needed information to take quick decisions about nonconformities. When no similar nonconformity exists in the failure catalogue, a new incident can be easily registered and include one or many photos taken with your device.

Once registered the incident is automatically added in the BPA QMS software. An automated workflow starts to alert the support team with a notification in Microsoft Teams. Instant discussions and teamworking accelerates the incident assignment, investigation, risk and root cause analysis, action plan, and solving. BPA has developed a new innovative way of productive real-time messaging to solve problems, avoiding frustration spending too much time on emails.

Solved incidents and non-conformances can be added in the failure catalogue together with investigation information and photos, and will be accessible in the Power Apps.

Combining the front-end Non-conformance Power Apps and backend QMS software, enterprises get an end-to-end solution for optimal problem solving, allowing everyone to report incidents easily with any device, anywhere.

Enable continuous improvement with the BPA Non-conformance Power Apps and take faster decisions on production lines with a digital failure catalogue.

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Innovative QMS technologies

Exploring Innovative Technologies for Better Quality Management

BPA is constantly exploring innovative technologies in the context of quality management with the objective to simplify processes, engage collaborators and stay compliant.

BPAQuality365 technology overview video.

Microsoft is inventing the way companies will work in the future and BPA QMS software directly benefits from these modern technologies. Combining 20+ years of Quality Management + Microsoft technology expertise, we designed innovative software solutions on Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint & Power BI, bridging the gap in Microsoft’s offering for quality management solutions.

BPA’s end-to-end QMS software includes over 30 different integrated modules to continuously improve the overall quality of the final products and services and comply with regulations. The main modules include the management of stakeholders, processes, compliance documents, incidents, audits and inspections, risks, collaborator competencies, training, and equipment.

BPA modular components extend Microsoft capabilities, providing a great user experience while filling in the gaps of missing features that are needed for a high-performing QMS. This includes relational capabilities, report generation, graphical charts, eSignatures, intelligent forms, reminders and more.

Companies can further select options to boost capabilities of the QMS software by using prebuilt extensions leveraging Microsoft Teams, Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI, and Artificial Intelligence.

With Teams, end user interact with the QMS while chatting. Documents and quality events can be shared with team members, with the option to schedule meetings and assign tasks without leaving the chat box.

We designed prebuilt Power Automate workflows to match typical organizations needs with no need to reinvent the wheel, including document approval, problem solving, and audit management workflows.

Power Apps for non-conformances and failure catalogue management, and audit management are generic front-end solutions to use on any device, anywhere even offline.

By using artificial intelligence, end users find the right documents by asking common questions to a chatbot.

With BPAQuality365, organizations get a complete solution to continuously improve, comply with regulations, and leverage innovative Microsoft 365 technologies.

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