BPA Solutions Welcomes Nut Consulting to their Channel Program

BPA Solutions – a Swiss-based software company providing leading regulatory compliance solutions – is delighted to welcome Nut Consulting to their channel program. Nut Consulting is specialized specialized in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Office 365 solutions and provides the management, warehouse and production systems any company needs.

June 1, 2018

BPA Solutions – a Swiss-based software company providing regulatory compliance solutions – welcomes Nut Consulting to their channel program.

Nut Consulting

Since 2008, NUT Consulting SL – an ICT company located in Valladolid, Spain – is becoming a nationwide reference company in the food sector.

The company’s goal is to help their clients with their management systems, always looking for excellence and innovation and introducing digital transformation and « long-term relationships ».

Nut Consulting is specialized in the implementation and optimization of business solutions (ERP, CRM, BI) with Microsoft Dynamics together with home-made plant data capture systems.

NUT Sistemas offers infrastructure, cloud and security solutions.

Until now, the gap we had was to be able to provide our customers with a tool that would allow them to manage the « quality » that is absolutely necessary in the agriculture-food sector. With BPA Quality and Risk Management we have the solution for all our clients and prospects in the agriculture-food sector that we know so well”, said Luis Garcia, Nut Consulting’s General Manager.

We are pleased to have Nut Consulting as a new partner. With Nut Consutling, we have a strong Partner to deserve the Spanish market, especially the food and agriculture sector, with integrated solutions for regulatory and compliance”, said Dr Boris Lutz, BPA’s CEO and Founder.

About Nut Consulting

NUT Consulting SL is a Microsoft Partner, expert in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Office 365 solutions, specialist in the agriculture-food sector with several certified solutions as CfMD for that sector.

To learn more about NUT Consulting, visit https://www.nutsl.com

About BPA Solutions

BPA Solutions – Regulatory Compliance Simplified. Since 2001, BPA Solutions is a leading global provider of innovative business software solutions based on Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint technologies. BPA develops ready-to-use regulatory software solutions – Quality, Risk, GDPR – to improve organizations’ processes, products, services and simplify regulatory compliance. BPA Solution Builder gives developers a wide range of integrated components to accelerate development and maximize user experience with SharePoint. Headquartered in Switzerland, with an office in Seattle USA, BPA is ready to support your digital workplace initiatives.

To learn more about BPA Solutions, visit https://www.bpa-solutions.net

AI for problem soving processes

Implementing Artificial Intelligence for Problem Solving Processes

Problem solving is a universal process faced by all organizations when dealing with issues, complaints, incidents, deviations or non-conformances.

BPA’s development lab is currently exploring AI for predictive analysis applied to problem solving processes.

AI for problem soving processes

The developed machine learning algorithm compares similarities between new entered incidents and historical data, and suggests root causes, corrective actions for a quick and efficient solving.

The used algorithm was trained on the entire Wikipedia database for optimal similarity searching, not only looking for exact matches but also analogous matches that have the same meaning by using comparable terms, expressions and synonyms. For instance, when reporting a new incident “customer service was not good”, the algorithm will propose 3 root causes: lack of communication skills, lack of domain knowledge, lack of responsible behavior. In this case, the algorithm found a similarity with a previous incident “customer service delivered poor response”.

Behind the scenes, the process will compare new incidents with previous ones and calculate a correlation factor for each item. Suggested actions and root causes corresponding to the highest correlation factor will be proposed to the investigator.

The data model is updated each time new data is entered in the BPA software, improving the algorithm’s efficiency.

BPA’s AI features will radically help organizations solving problems faster and more efficiently, reducing costs and improving customers’ satisfaction.

BPA will progressively introduce AI to suggest risks and actions related to any quality improvement process, like audits, inspections, objectives, indicators, swot analysis, etc.

Conversational intelligence – read article and view video here – and AI features will soon be available with BPA Quality & Risk Management on Office 365.

BPA is proud to be on the front line implementing AI for regulatory compliance.

Applying AI to Regulatory Compliance – Introduction Video

Artificial Intelligence – AI – is a hot topic at the moment. Microsoft has developed technologies for predictive analysis, usually suited for large volume of data. Industry sectors like hospitals start using these technologies for predictive patient treatments. Another aspect of AI is conversational intelligence, also called bots. A bot is a virtual companion that will guide end users achieving their tasks.

BPA’s development lab is working on creating bots to simplify user experience with our regulatory solutions for Quality, Risk and GDPR. A first experimental bot was developed to guide end-users to submit an incident. Using a mobile device, the end-user is prompted to report an incident. The virtual companion asks for important information to be logged in the system, prompts for immediate actions to be done and optionally proposes to append photos to the incident.

Once the incident has been reported, a workflow starts and tasks will be distributed to the concerned users for qualifying and investigating the incident. At the investigation stage, AI is used for optimal root cause selection, based on 5 why and Ishikawa methodologies. AI will further be used for optimal CAPA/Risk management by retrieving relevant historical data in the system and guide concerned persons to solve incidents quicker and more efficiently.

The experimental bot for incident reporting was developed on Microsoft Teams and runs with any mobile device. It will be soon available for our Office 365 customers. BPA is very proud to be on the front line applying AI to regulatory compliance.

BPA GDPR Compliance on Office 365

GDPR Compliance Simplified – App Introduction Video

BPA GDPR Compliance is a preconfigured app to simplify data privacy compliance and reduce the cost to be GDPR compliant. The app is ready to be downloaded from the Microsoft store and installed in your Microsoft Office 365 tenant.

Integrating all needed tools in a preconfigured template, BPA GDPR Compliance simplifies your GDPR journey, facilitates data privacy compliance which will leverage your company image and transparency.

View a short BPA GDPR Compliance introduction video below and ask us for a free trial today.

Benefits of Moving Your BPA Software to the Cloud

Some recent impressive statistics show that 400 000 organizations use SharePoint and 70% of all SharePoint users are in the cloud (Microsoft, May 2018).

Moving to the cloud brings huge benefits and savings for companies of all sectors and sizes.

BPA Cloud Benefits

A Forrester study demonstrated Office 365 delivers an ROI of 321% with a payback period of two months for the composite midsize organizations. The study lists monetary benefits – more than $1M over 3 years – a midsize organization can expect: savings from reduced IT support effort, savings from substituted Microsoft licenses, savings from eliminated hardware, etc.

By transitioning to the cloud, you have additional benefits, like better security and service availability. Moving your software to Office 365 cloud simplifies your process to be GDPR compliant.

Microsoft is adding a bunch of new services to the cloud. With Office 365, you will benefit from more capabilities, like advanced workflow tools and connectors, powerful mobile apps and the most advanced reporting solutions. New technologies for AI and machine learning are now available in the Microsoft cloud.

The last 3 years, BPA has invested a lot of effort to make its solutions available with Office 365 and SharePoint online. The same user experience that makes our solutions unique is now offered in the cloud. Starting today, new apps and features will be developed for our cloud customers in priority, like a GDPR Compliance app, an e-signature module and more to come.

Take this opportunity to move your existing BPA software to the cloud and save even more with our time-limited offering. We offer our customers FREE migration services + a special software discount to move to Office 365. This offer is valid until September 30, 2018.

Contact us to know more about this time-limited offering.

Cost Saving

Calculate Your Cost Savings with a Digital Solution

It’s not easy to deliver engaging, efficient experiences when you’re held back by pen-to-paper-based processes.

A digital solution offers a centralized location where organizations can efficiently store, organize, manage, access, and distribute information.

Cost Saving

For the quality/regulatory department, information typically includes forms (audits, incidents, non-conformances, CAPA, indicators, risks, equipment maintenance, training, etc.) and quality/regulatory documents. By giving collaborators quick and easy access to the information they need anytime and anywhere, digital systems help employees focus more time on their core activities.

What are cost saving opportunities with a digital regulatory compliance solution?

  • Electronic forms enforce collaborators to enter consistent information quickly and easily, reducing errors and manual rework.
  • Automated workflows accelerate the process of creating and distributing forms and documents across devices and platforms.
  • A digital system prevents collaborators to retype data at some point during the process thanks to data relations and automated reporting tools.
  • No paper processing is needed anymore, saving printing, scanning, postage and archiving costs.
  • Users spend a huge amount of time each day searching for information — an average of 37 minutes or 8% of the work day. Digital search tools can reduce search time by up to 50%.

Let’s crunch the numbers to see how much money your organization/department can save with BPA’s solutions.


How Automation Can Help GDPR Compliance

A World of Data

The amount of data being produced every day (about 2.5 quintillion bytes per day) continues to grow. To give you an idea of its epic growth, 90% of data that exists today has been produced in the last two years alone, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.


As of 2018, entire corporations operate online, with virtually all the information they hold housed in the cloud. The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) might seem like another compliance procedure your company must worry about, but in truth, it should be seen as a benefit. It means greater protection for both the customer and your organization.

What Happens if You’re Not GDPR Compliant?

Marketing departments will refer to huge databases of consumer data to make strategic decisions. Along with this, organisations store copious amounts of sensitive data like employee records and private business operations data. And this is just to function daily as a business. Leaving your data unprotected or misusing public data in any way could jeopardize your reputation, scare off your customers and hit you right in the profits. It’s not difficult to see why data compliance is an important aspect for your business future.

Much of the change to GDPR has been consumer orientated. It ensures that data in circulation is collected, managed, and stored in a secure fashion. And puts more power into the hands of the consumer, allowing them to specify what data is stored, what it’s used for, and when it’s removed.

If you fail to keep your data secure and in line with the GDPR, the consequences are severe – namely fines of up to €20 million or 4% of your annual turnover.

To avoid near financial disaster, you will need to ensure your current data is stored securely and your means to acquiring new data follows the GDPR guidelines. Which could be anything from featuring an optional tick box on your website (to gain permission to share consumer details) to trawling through vast servers of data with a fine-tooth comb. The execution of perfect compliance is, without a doubt, a difficult task.

Behold! Compliance Automation

What you’ll find with big changes in regulations is that it forces you to review a lot of your processes, and this is where automation can help. By taking advantage of the right automation technology, compliance becomes a lot more palatable.

Compliance automation delivers much more than enhanced efficiency, it also provides several benefits to risk control:

1. Automation standardizes data giving you consistent results. With an automation platform in place, compliance teams can rest easy knowing they’re adhering to all regulatory requirements.

2. Automation reduces labour costs, saves precious time and keeps you safe. Come audit time, all the relevant data will be available at the click of a button. With automated workflows there’s no laborious data gathering or risk of human error from manual processes.

Microsoft Office 365

Embracing a reputable online tool to automate your workflows will be your key to cloud compliance, and Microsoft Office 365 is the perfect solution. Not only will you benefit from the millions they have invested to protect customers who process data using their systems. But your company data is much easier accessed come audit time, since all of your employees are using a single central platform.

A Solution That Really Solves the Problem

While part of the solution to staying compliant is building the right automated workflows, it shouldn’t stop there. The newly released BPA GDPR Compliance software is unique. It’s a unique GDPR compliance solution that’s fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365, so the thought of spending weeks migrating your data is not a problem. Secondly, it’s been configured by GDPR professionals to provide you with a ready to deploy process engine that simplifies the complex jargon of GDPR into practical business terms. This lets you apply the changes straight away.

Get up to Speed, Fast

In essence, the GDPR offers a great opportunity to digitally transform – giving you long lasting benefits. Also, automating compliance processes will standardise the quality of your compliance every time, giving you complete peace of mind.

In fact, with the new regulation just around the corner, it’s imperative that companies everywhere get up to speed with the facts. We have recently teamed up with GDPR specialists to produce a whitepaper containing advice and solutions for protecting data, which you can download below.

BPA GDPR Compliance software solution, is a pragmatic, ready-to-use digital tool for easy, affordable, automated data compliance, helping to establish asset transparency for even the smallest of organisations.

Download the “GDPR Compliance Simplified” eBook.

BPA Solutions Welcomes Sword Technologies to their Channel Program

BPA Solutions – a Swiss-based software company providing leading quality and regulatory solutions – is delighted to welcome Sword Technologies to their channel program. Sword Technologies – a Sword Group company – is specialized in setting up and managing efficient working environments. Sword Group is an international Consulting, Service and Software company driving global leaders in their digital & technology transformation.

April 20, 2018

BPA Solutions – a Swiss-based software company providing quality and regulatory solutions – welcomes Sword Technologies to their channel program.

Sword Group

Created in November 2000, the Sword Group has a current headcount of 1,800+ staff operating in more than 50 countries. Sword Group offers its customers comprehensive and integrated responses, on both the strategic approach and the execution.

The maturity of cloud and network services has allowed Sword Technologies to transform its positioning from infrastructure to Workspace management. The objective of Sword Technologies is to provide to customers a workstation securely connected datacenters and to the various services necessary for collaboration: email services, file sharing, telephony, cooperation tools, process automation. Our strategy is detailed in 3 steps: Think, Deploy and Maintain.

We believe Office 365 and SharePoint to be the main platforms for delivering the next generation workplace. Our partnership with BPA will allow us to implement great solutions quickly and with a unique user experience”, said Damien Laugier, a Sword’s Senior Consultant and BPM Expert.

We are very honored to have Sword Technologies as a new partner. We share the same objective for a digital workplace where user experience is at the center. Sword will bring our customers strong competencies in many related technologies and a worldwide channel network”, said Dr Boris Lutz, BPA’s CEO and Founder.

About Sword Technologies

Sword Technologies is a substantial company within the Sword group whose hallmark is client satisfaction on a daily basis. As part of an international group, we are able to bring to our customers expertise obtained from other fields such as security, development or mobility.

To learn more about Sword Technologies, visit http://www.sword-technologies.ch/en/home/

About BPA Solutions

Since 2001, BPA Solutions is a leading global provider of innovative business software solutions based on Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint technologies. BPA delivers ready-to-use regulatory software solutions to improve organizations’ processes, products and services in a regulated world. BPA Solution Builder gives developers a wide range of integrated components to accelerate development and maximize user experience with SharePoint. Headquartered in Switzerland, with an office in Seattle USA, BPA is ready to support your digital transformation initiatives.

To learn more about BPA Solutions, visit http://BPA.Solutions

Office 365 Quality and Risk Management

3 Reasons Why Office 365 Is the Ideal Platform for Quality and Risk Management

In our last article, we have mentioned security, audit and data loss prevention features that make Microsoft Office 365 the optimal platform for quality and compliance solutions.

Beside these features, there are major reasons why your organization should adopt Office 365 to improve the quality of your products and services.

Office 365 Quality and Risk Management

Lower Cost

A Forrester study demonstrated Office 365 delivers an ROI of 321 percent with a payback period of two months for the composite midsize organizations.

The study lists monetary benefits – more than $1M over 3 years – a midsize organization can expect:

  • Knowledge worker productivity gain
  • Savings from reduced IT support effort
  • Mobile worker incremental productivity gain
  • Savings from substituted Microsoft licenses
  • Savings from eliminated hardware, etc.

Office 365 Business Essentials starts at less than $5 per user/month which makes it accessible for any organization.

Better User Experience

From an end user perspective, Microsoft Office 365 provides an unequaled “one interface” experience grouping all important tools in a single page, like Office tools, reminders, emails, calendar and more.

Concretely, concerned users don’t need to login into different systems and switch interface to access documents, view important meetings, access emails or get alerts and reminders. This clearly improve user experience, productivity and reduce frustration to connect with different software.

Better Collaboration and Productivity

No other platform brings so many tools to improve collaboration and productivity. Teams and SharePoint bring great collaborative workspaces, including conferencing and discussions. Flow provides connectors to dozens of technologies and intelligent workflow features. Power BI brings the most powerful reporting tools. With Power Apps, end users can access data and documents with their mobile devices. Using forms, even external people outside from your company can interact with your organization.

BPA has developed the first and unique Quality and Risk management solution, natively built on Office 365, empowering collaboration, automating processes and improving quality.

Ask for a Free Trial Now

4 Features That Make Microsoft Office 365 the Optimal Platform to Run Quality and Risk Solutions

4 Features That Make Microsoft Office 365 the Optimal Platform to Run Quality and Risk Solutions

Quality is a pivotal part of every business, but Quality and Risk Managers know how difficult it can be to achieve or maintain. Quality and risk management solutions are available today to help manage these processes for you. However, they are virtually worthless if they don’t run on a secure and comprehensive platform.

4 Features That Make Microsoft Office 365 the Optimal Platform to Run Quality and Risk Solutions

Microsoft Office 365, a leading cloud-based service platform, offers robust, useful, and secure applications. One of these applications, SharePoint, enables companies to build efficient websites and services. Quality-focused technology providers today, such as BPA Solutions, offer quality and risk management solutions built on SharePoint, incorporating all the benefits that Office 365 has to offer.

Read about 4 Office 365 features that provide optimal security and risk mitigation tactics for quality and risk solutions below.

  1. Data Loss Prevention

Aside from your employees and customers, data is the most valuable asset of your business. Office 365 provides data loss prevention (DLP), which helps your organization protect sensitive information and prevent leaks. Office 365 DLP puts the power into your organization’s hands, giving it the control to identify, monitor, and automatically protect sensitive information across SharePoint and other applications.

  1. Information Management Policies

How you handle your content and information can vary based on industry, company size, or many other factors. Through SharePoint, information management policies enable organizations to control and monitor activities, such as content retention timeframes or which actions users are allowed to take with that content. Some of the predefined policies include retention, expiring out-of-date content, and auditing of document usage.

  1. Information Rights Management

Building on the last point, it is critical to set policies to make sure your business-critical information stays within your business’s walls. Office 365 Information Rights Management (IRM) helps prevent sensitive information from being printed, forwarded, saved, edited, or copied by unauthorized people.

  1. Auditing

Quality and Risk Managers know the destructive reality of having “too many cooks in the kitchen.” That’s why they need to have a clear log of who’s made what change and when. The Office 365 auditing feature tracks changes made by users to documents and other items on your SharePoint quality solution.

BPA Solutions has recently released a new edition of their BPA Quality solution, which is built on top of Office 365, infusing all of the features listed above into the solution and immediately integrating with other Microsoft technologies.

To learn more about BPA Quality on Office 365 and begin improving your quality and risk processes, contact a BPA quality expert or read more here.