Context of the Organization

This section of ISO 9001:2015 is for your organization to have a clear scope of the environment it engages in and direct + indirect customers that it serves. BPA provides a SWOT analysis tool to assess the influencers that come from both external sources (Opportunities and Threats) and internal sources (Strengths and Weaknesses). The competitive […]

Change Management

Planning of changes refers to those changes that are part of everyday business, new programs, changing financial structures, end-of-life of a product and obsolescence of an equipment. All of these changes can affect the QMS. With BPA, each change request is considered as a project with timing, cost and impacts on the QMS. Impacted QMS […]

Process Approach

ISO 9001:2015 utilizes a process approach in the implementation and auditing of a QMS. A process has five distinct characteristics: Inputs Outputs Use Transformation Measurability Ownership In this last revision, the process approach was enhanced with the consideration of the PDCA cycle and risk-based thinking. Therefore, having a process approach helps with multiple standards, like […]

Deploying Your ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Software

BPA Solutions has developed a flexible and cost effective quality management software to help you to deploy ISO 9001:2015 in your organization. Process Approach Achieve continuous improvement with a collaborative PDCA tool Navigate your QMS easily from a graphical core process map Select your key processes among 50+ described processes Be compliant with any QHSE […]

Select The Best Quality Management Software For Your Company

What are important criteria to select the best quality management software for your company?   Quality managers are used to work with tons of Excel files, heterogeneous systems, time-consuming reports and a lot of paper-based documents.     Our comparison table will help you to select the best quality management software for your dedicated needs, […]

US Trade Adjustment Assistance Program to Get Funds For Your QMS/CRM Project – Do you qualify?

Article by Boris Lutz, CEO of BPA Solutions, March 2016   BPA Solutions would like to call your attention to a relatively unknown US federal program that can provide funding for US based organizations from all industry sectors, who have experienced a recent decline of minimum 5% in sales and employment as a result of […]