Artificial Intelligence

Introducing BPA Cognitive Search to Easily Find Documents by Chatting

At BPA Solutions, we strongly believe that the modern workplace is moving towards instant discussions with Microsoft Teams or other platforms. We have developed innovative tools (Teams Productivity, Teams Forms, Cognitive Search) to bring the business context back while chatting in Microsoft Teams, like searching and sharing data and documents from your eQMS or CRM […]

Audit Power Apps

Simplify Audit Management with BPA Apps and Microsoft 365

With BPA software and Audit Power Apps, we drastically simplify audit management in 3 simple steps: Optimally plan the audit in Teams Execute the audit easily with Power Apps Merge the audit report with Power Automate With Microsoft Teams, organizations get a powerful tool for teamworking. Dedicated Teams can be created for audit purposes and […]


Turn Your Intranet Into a Process-Driven eQMS

Is an Intranet portal still bringing the added value needed for organizations in the digital age ? At BPA, we think intranet solutions miss the business context to bring real benefits and we suggest organizations to move to process-driven collaborative solutions. Nowadays, intranet portals used to share documents, links, news and contacts are clearly not […]

Innovative QMS technologies

Bringing Quality 4.0 to SMBs, Simple & Cost-Effective

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have no time for complex eQMS projects and no resources for costly quality management software. Good news! Even small companies can now benefit from modern software solutions to implement Quality 4.0 scenarios with no pain, quickly and cost-effectively. With BPA software and apps on Microsoft 365, SMBs leverage innovative technologies […]

eQMS task management video

Introducing a Robust eQMS Task Management System

A great sales organization needs a CRM software to track daily tasks related to sales opportunities and drive sales. When a deal is signed, quality management is key to deliver the right products and services to your customers. In the context of quality management, it’s crucial to have daily follow-up activities with important stakeholders and […]

eQMS Reporting

Great Visuals for Great Quality Management Reporting

Whether you need powerful BI reporting to drill down data or modern graphics to view consolidated data, we cover it all with our eQMS software. In this article, we will focus on the chart capabilities offered in the out-of-the-box software. Introducing Pareto Chart to know what root causes are responsible for 80% of the non-conformances. […]